With trials and tastings in dark rooms, restaurants and at-home kitchens, we’ve created our products with our customers in mind. We want you to feel great about the food you eat and inspire you to get creative. Whether you’re looking for premium products to add to your menu, or want to go meatless with a family favorite, Better Balance is for you.


Food is fun. Discover your own balance.

Better Balance is here to help consumers on their own unique journey towards a healthier lifestyle — whatever that means to them. Our products get the balance right when it comes to being healthy, nutritious and tasty. 

Consumers shouldn’t have to make compromises or worry about what’s hiding in the food they eat. We’re committed to innovating, constantly improving and being a brand they can trust. So that when it comes to our products, they know they’re making a great choice. 

We think that cooking with our products should be easy and fit into our customers’ everyday lives. We’re also firm believers that food is fun. We want our products to make our customers feel good about themselves. And we want to invite everyone to the table, no matter who they are.

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Better Balance was created with the help of chefs, for the benefit of kitchens across the world. We’ve tested products in ghost kitchens across Madrid and trailed recipes in L.A. restaurants. 

Working so closely with chefs has led us to develop flexible and versatile products that can be used creatively in different contexts. They offer a fantastic yield percentage and don’t require lots of extra preparation. Which means alongside tasting great, they can help with cost-savings. 

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backed by leading Food Company

We’re an innovative startup with an ever-expanding product range. We’ve also got the experience and reliability of Sigma backing us. 

Being ambitious innovators means we’re constantly developing our menu to include both exciting plant-based and dairy free products. That includes the fridge favorites and the unexpected. We want to become a one-stop-shop for retailers looking for products in these categories — and we’re well on our way to becoming it. 

With Sigma behind us, we have capacity, experience and investment to drive this innovation and development. We can provide retailers and their customers much more variety than other brands. We create high-quality, nutritious, and tasty products that stand out and can stand alone in whatever they offer.